At Hostgator it’s easier to go green than most people think. Now Hostgator’s clients can feel better about the impact they are having on the environment when they opt for a reseller or shared hosting plan. Currently, Hostgator hosts over 4,000,000 websites through its reseller and shared packages, all which make little impact on the environment.

An average server can produce as many emissions as an SUV that gets 15 miles to the gallon. Thinking about the number of servers and websites hosted through Hostgator alone that is a lot of emissions being released into our atmosphere. Hostgator decided to do something about it and as a result took a proactive stand.

As of now, Hostgator can proudly say that all of their reseller and shared hosting servers are 130% powered by wind. Hostgator, wanting to be part of the climate solution instead of the problem, has significantly reduced the amount of carbon emissions it contributed to the environment. Their servers are now 36% more efficient and the company’s offices are even taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint, all without raising prices (HINT: use a coupon from to save even more!).

In a successful attempt to reverse the effects Hostgator was having on the environment, they purchased enough certified Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) to equal 130% of the electricity they use to power and cool their reseller and shared servers. This move is like taking 444 cars of the road, supplying 321 homes with clean energy power, keeping 551 acres of forest protected, and saving 5,651 barrels of oil all for a year.

This may not sound like much to some, but in the IT industry it is. The IT industry represents 3 – 4% of all electricity used just to run its data centers. Hostgator is working with Integrated Ecosystem Market Services and together they have developed a green program. In fact, it’s a leading program in their business sector.

Severs take a lot of energy to heat. Many other “green” web hosting services use renewable energy to heat their servers but stop there. Hostgator goes a step farther by using renewable energy to cool their servers as well, which takes about 1 -2 watts of electricity to cool for every watt of electricity used to heat.

Also, Hostgator doesn’t just say their reseller and shared hosting servers are green, they can prove it thanks to the REC’s they purchase. Every credit they purchase is not only verified but then tracked and monitored as well. In addition to this, Hostgator has become a productive member of their community.

Based in Texas, Hostgator purchases all of their REC’s from the state. Many other companies outsource their energy credits and purchase them from the cheapest resources available. Hostgator forwent the cheapest route and decided to pay a little more for their credits and invest some money into their home state.

Hostgator understands that not all of their clients may want to jump on the green energy bandwagon but for those who do, the web hosting company provides free images for all their clients to post on their websites. The images proudly announce that the websites are being run and hosted by green energy.