Reseller Hosting

You have made the choice to build up your own low-cost unlimited reseller hosting company. Excellent! You’ve initiated the primary step to success by selecting the kind of hosting services you’ll offer. To start you have to think up a business plan. You may wish to consider start-up expenses, the prices related to developing your websites, advertising, and the price of the hosting services you’ll be reselling.

If you’re attempting to supply low-cost unlimited reseller hosting services, you’ll clearly be researching a hosting supplier which will provide you with top of the line service at a lesser cost, permitting you to charge less for the hosting services you sell. Initiating your internet hosting reseller business starts with the most cost effective reseller hosting package from a reputable hosting company. This can offer you the power to push forward with your company plans while not having to stress concerning whether or not you’re going to have the support of a top hosting company or not.

You can use reseller hosting simply with a tiny investment of less than $100 for a reseller account. You’d be managing the customer service and technical support of your users, however you’ll be spared the high difficulty technical administration of your server. On the flip side though, you won’t have any real management of your and your customer’s websites. If the server where to go down, all you’ll be able to do is tell your web host and hope and wait, all the while dealing with negative reviews and fielding calls from your users.

Do not start this business with ideas of gaining the megabucks instantly. A scarily massive proportion of web hosting services go under or become obsolete as a result of not having gotten their profit. The overwhelming majority are those that have undercalculated the expenses or overcalculated the profit potential. These web hosting firms secretly close down their businesses and take the loss. If cash is your main desire, then think again. Profit does not come to you easily in this industry and it needs lots of effort to induce a good result.

The most effective method is to incorporate additional services as freebies in your hosting package initially, which would otherwise be offered at additional rates by even the best internet hosting service suppliers. As an example, you’ll provide website creation and SEO within the same package as internet hosting, at no further cost. But, once more you need to find out a way to manipulate the rates, while not allowing the potential customer to sense the actual fact that there are some additional costs associated with the freebies that you are providing.

Regardless of your plan always treat your hosting business like a serious venture if you want to succeed. Starting a hosting business is just as complicated as any other business. However using reseller hosting makes the technical and financial barriers to getting started much smaller.

To put things in simple terms, reseller hosting is best described as the middleman of hosting services. Resellers are exactly that, middlemen. A reseller purchases a hosting package from a web hosting company, such as Hostgator. The reseller is now a client of the web hosting company.

Reseller packages vary in terms of features and components, such as bandwidth, hard disk space, and number of domain names. Each reseller package the client purchases has a specified amount of each component. For example, one package might include 160GB of disk space, 1,200GB of bandwidth, and an unlimited amount of domains.

The client then divides the amount of hard disk space, bandwidth, and domains and creates a multitude of smaller packages, which the client then turns around and sells. Essentially, a reseller is selling space on another web hosting company’s server.

There are several ways a reseller can make money doing this. First, they can start their own web hosting company. The reseller markets the accounts they have created under their own company name, and sets their own fees, terms, and conditions. The client then sells web hosting plans to their own clients.

Secondly, a reseller may be affiliated with a web hosting company. The reseller advertises the goods and services of the web hosting company under the reseller’s own name, while making it clear they are associated with the web hosting company. Each time a new client signs up with the web hosting company, the reseller earns a commission.


Resellers vary on their services. Reseller A may take full control over customer support, while Reseller B may direct any customer support needs to the web hosting company they purchased their reseller package from.

Reseller hosing can be profitable because the reseller buys a package that contains a ton of space at an affordable price. There is a steady market of people who need basic hosting services. The reseller makes their money by providing basic services and the small amount of server space needed to keep a website up and running. Most web hosting companies do not own their own servers; they are actually selling space on a larger web hosting company’s server.

Reseller hosting is great for a number of individuals and web hosting companies. Many people get into reseller hosting because they enjoy the perks of running their own online business without having to purchase, run, and maintain very expensive servers. A start-up web host can easily break into the business by purchasing reseller hosting packages, creating their own accounts, and selling them under their own company name. This type of hosting is also profitable for small web hosting companies that have already established themselves and need a little more space, but are not ready to purchase their own server.

Many individuals have found that reseller hosting suits their needs. Individuals include those that find they need more space than average, those that own several domain names and want to host all their domains with one hosting account, and those that require more bandwidth offered by small web hosts.