The best HostGator reseller coupon for you depends on your order size.


If your order total is greater than $35
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If your order total is less than $35
use the coupon code below to save $9.94



HostGator is a company that provides a variety of web hosting products.  Among their products are the resellers hosting plans.  With these plans the client is provided free client management and billing software to begin the reseller process.  Reseller hosting users are each provided a domain name reseller account.  The reseller can provide hosting servers and use the features HostGator provides them through a monthly fee.  This monthly fee may also be reduced by using HostGator reseller coupons.

The founder of HostGator, Brent Oxley, knew he needed to provide a product that users actually wanted and at a price they could afford. Not only does this company, founded in a dorm-room, provide innovative products and services to customers including Fortune 500 companies in over 200 countries, but they know how to provide coupon discounts to decrease the already low prices even more.  The company is so successful in their operations that they have a 90% satisfaction rating.

There are over 4500 free website templates in over 22 languages offered under the reseller hosting tools to be offered to the end user.  The reseller hosting plan is easy and inexpensive.  With reseller coupons all over the Internet it is easy to find percentage-off coupons and dollar-off amount coupons.  A percentage-off coupon means that any package you buy will be multiplied by that percentage.  The number received when multiplying the package is then the discount.  A dollar-off amount coupon mean the coupon holds a monetary value, that value being the price off any plan.  For instance, if you buy a plan at $24.95 and have a 10 dollar-off amount coupon, your plan costs $14.95.

Everyone looks for a cheaper way to run their business.  Everyone is looking for a better than satisfactory product that never lets them down.  HostGator makes it easy to provide these services to their clients by saving you money when buying into a web hosting service.  HostGator provides these coupons to keep their customers satisfied and keep their customer costs down.

The HostGator reseller coupons are used as a retention strategy to keep their current customers.  It is also used to help attract additional clients and continue to expand their company.  HostGator is one of the few web hosting companies which understand that their customers are going through tough times.  Today, any company that wants to be successful needs to have and maintain a website.  However, the costs associated with maintaining and running a website can be costly.  In order to continue being competitive, web hosts need to understand their customers and their customers’ needs.  HostGator has been able to compensate for the economy and the decrease in consumer spending by providing coupons that the customer will continue coming back to use.  The customer marketing of providing multiple coupons allows HostGator to be successful.  Although this company has been successful for many years before the additional coupons were released, the HostGator coupon has provided an immeasurable, powerful success to aid the company in its expenditure.

It is a known fact that not all companies that provide discounts and coupons can still be successful.  Just providing the HostGator coupon does not guarantee HostGator will be success.  To continue building the business outside of providing financial discounts to clients, HostGator also prides themselves on providing 100% customer service any time of the year.  Customer support portals include chat live, call, sending e-mail (or a ticket), fax and regular mail.  Live chat is available 24/7 to answer any questions regarding billing, technical support, design questions and anything else you can think of regarding hosting and their website features.  Having a 24-hour technical support team, 365 days a year, can be costly for HostGator, but they understand that this is the type of support that will satisfy their customers.  Many critical businesses today expect that any time of the day or night they can call someone to provide support.  What is even more critical with HostGator is the live support every customer receives.

In order to help build your confidence in HostGator, the company provides a no contract 45 day money back guarantee.  If you decide to try the reseller hosting, you may use a coupon for the initial payment.  If you decide within 45 days that HostGator is not the web-hosting company you would like to continue using, simply cancel your subscription and HostGator will refund all of your money.

For resellers that have hosting with another company, you are in luck.  HostGator allows resellers to transfer up to 30 websites.  There are 400 and more brandable video tutorials for clients to use.

As a reseller, you also receive the ability to have monitor server status.  This lets you see how much bandwidth is used at any given time.  It also provides you with access to how much space is being used and monitor content that is stored on the server.

The WHM control panel is available with multi-language capabilities.  This means that if you are able to use the control panel with various languages and write various language codes.  This provides a greater ability to customize websites.

Some features included with the reseller plan include the ability to limit packages.  You may provide different amounts of disk space and bandwidth based on price or level that is chosen.  You may also limit the package based on e-mail addresses, databases, and other features that may be wanted for the web hosting.

HostGator now makes it possible to password modify accounts.  You, as the reseller, have access to the DNS, the account creation and termination and control panel options available.  Some control panel features include shopping carts, blogs, portals, forums, counters and form mail.

To be even more creative, HostGator has provided the option of having a brandable client panel that includes your logo on it.  In addition, the reseller plan account comes with password protected directories and custom error pages.  This provides only certain people the ability to change the directories.  The custom error pages allow customers to be redirected to other pages or explain web construction instructions.

HostGator is a hosting company serving over 3.5 million domains.  Any website-hosting service can be expensive, especially for small companies trying to survive in this stressful economy.  The HostGator reseller coupon can be used online when purchasing a reseller plan.  A reseller coupon is useful for discounts or savings.  The coupons may only be used by the buyer to get a good rebate for web hosting services at  A coupon code is required in order to receive the discount or savings, much like any other discount coupon used online.

Even with the reseller coupon discounts you can create unlimited websites under your brand name.  You can provide individualized pricing to different companies.  Provide your own tier plans or levels of service for various prices.  You can provide a variety of packages and features to meet your user’s needs.  You receive all the benefits of being a web host with one low monthly payment and less than 0.1% downtime.

HostGator currently is running a promotion of 20% off all reseller plans for the first month.  This provides the opportunity to try the service and see how it works and how well you can do with such a product.  The coupon code is easy to find and easy to use on the HostGator website.

Additional HostGator coupons include saving over 25% on any order.  The process to apply this discount to your order is simple.  Select the discount code from one of many places on the Internet providing HostGator reseller coupons or HostGator coupon codes.  As you complete the checkout process, the website will provide a spot to enter the discount code.  The discounted rate is calculated and recognized at the end of the checkout. offers various levels of reseller plans.  The plans include the aluminum plan at $24.95 a month, the copper plan for $34.95 a month, the silver plan for $49.95 a month, the gold plan for $74.95 a month and the diamond plan for $99.95 a month.  Each plan is the original price before any HostGator coupon is applied.  Under the copper plan a reseller may pay $24.95 a month.  This is a $10 savings; depending on the coupon used this savings may be even larger.  Using this same discount the diamond plan would be $24.98.  For a reseller with a two year subscription the savings is even greater.  The copper plan with a coupon could be $209.10 while the diamond plan could be as low as $599.70.  If you do the math you will see that using HostGator reseller coupons can be a tremendous savings for the typical and not so typical reseller businesses.

The aluminum package includes 50 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth.  The copper plan includes 80 GB disk space and 700 GB bandwidth.  The silver plan includes 120 GB disk space and 1000 GB bandwidth.  The gold plan includes 160 GB disk space and 1200 GB bandwidth.  The diamond plan includes 200 GB disk space and 1400 GB bandwidth.  Every plan includes an unlimited number of domains.

Other features of the reseller hosting plans include the unlimited sub domains, the unlimited number of e-mail accounts, the MYSQL databases, the unlimited number of cPanels, and the unlimited number of FTP accounts.  There is also free site builder software for every plan.  The plans have private name servers and free billing systems.

The unlimited e-mail accounts include unlimited POP3 email accounts with SMTP.  The webmail accessibility is chosen by the client.  The client may choose from Horde, SquirrelMail, or RoundCube.  HostGator has also provided the ability of receiving your e-mail through your phone using IMAP support.

Another concern with any hosting plan including e-mail is spam.  HostGator provides SpamAssassin to prevent unwanted span filling up your e-mail accounts and bogging down your system.  HostGator also includes unlimited auto responders, mail, forwards, e-mail aliases, and mailing lists with the reseller account.

Through HostGator, you may provide your customers with customizable website templates to easily design and upload their own creations.  Companies that have retail stores, or their companies product changes on a regular basis, will find that easily uploading their designs is useful and efficient in running their online business.  HostGator also has a 99.9% uptime rating, meaning that your websites will continue to run 24/7 and providing extra stability to your websites.

The builder tools are useful for resellers and end-users alike.  The tools make it easy to customize a website, and the award-winning customer service is nothing to sneeze at, either.  Someone is available to help you at any time.  Customer testimonials declare this is one of the most beneficial services provided by HostGator.

HostGator is different from many other web-hosting companies because they do provide coupons.  Other companies have been successful without running the same coupon discounts, but testimonials prove that their customers are not as happy with their services and pricing.  The coupons codes are additional bonuses to HostGator customers, in that many of their products are already cheaper than many of their competitors for the same package and feature options.

HostGator understands the reseller wants to provide the best quality product to their consumer, the same way HostGator wants to provide their consumers with the best quality product available.  If they do not exceed your expectations they will provide you with a 45 day money back guarantee.  This includes if you use the reseller coupon to make your initial purchase.

The HostGator coupons make it easier to keep more of your money in your pocket.  HostGator provides a multitude of coupons across the Internet.  Coupons are offered at various percentages and for certain amounts of time.  The coupons are usually good for a period of one year, but may alter depending on where the coupon codes are found.  HostGator understands that if they make you successful because you are profitable and not spending all of your money on the expenses of running a business, then they are successful because they continue to have a repeat customer.